A chance?

A chance?

A chance?

Am I okay? I could be. I have had guys asking me out recently, excited to spend time with me. They make me feel good about myself, they call me beautiful. The thing is I’ll be laughing and smiling with them.. But my thoughts would slowly drift back to you.

I tried to hate you, but that never worked. As soon as you would make an attempt of communication with me I couldn’t hate you anymore.

I know what I told you last week was terrifying for you, I was scared too Sam. I went through it entirely alone, mostly to protect your reputation. I didn’t have to, I did it out of choice.

I know you care really, I see it. The way you look at me, the way you ask if I’m okay, that day we went shopping in Bangor together, the reason you went to my birthday, why you gave me that necklace.

Deny it all you like, but you do care.

But hey if you want to throw all this away, then be my guest.

But believe me when I say that you won’t find someone like me again. You won’t find many girls who will accept you for your past. It doesn’t bother me because I can see beyond it, I do accept you. And you can’t pretend it never happened, unless you want to adopt a disloyal trait. Do you? Be honest.

I just want a chance, I don’t see why I don’t deserve a chance. If you are not willing to, then tell me why I don’t deserve it. Tell me how it’s fair on me.

Really after everything we’ve been through you want to throw it all away? Do you? Over some fleeting two week unsure feeling? Over being pushed by my so called ‘friend’?

It can work. For example, Sam and Leanne’s breaks have done them good, improved their bond. We can make this work. We could be great. Just give us a chance.

I care, do you?

I love you.

P.S meet me on Saturday at 2, in Menai Bridge.


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