Love is a losing game

Love is a losing game

Love is a losing game

Love is a losing game…i was a hopeless romantic, always fantasizing about being in love and sharing my world with someone forever. Until i actually fell in the deepest love, deeper than the depths of the universe. Now i never want to love anyone again. 
I was sure it was going to be you, we had our entire lives planned, we weren’t perfect but we had each i thought. Its been 7 months since you broke my heart. Our anniversary is in 3 days :’) 
We didn’t make it this time around. I dreaded this day yet here we are.. here i am. Alone. 

Why were you so selfish to me? You took and took but never gave. Id give you my heart if yours ever stopped pumping. I just don’t understand and never will. We were happy, times got hard and i never thought out of everybody it would be you to give just simply let go…you knew it and i never seen it coming. You took my love, my kindness, my warmth, my body, my soul all for granted. I watered you, i helped you grow and you..weren’t watering me, I didn’t understand in the moment why i was always so tired, full of anxiety and had low self esteem which was something i never had before.

I understand now Its because you deprived me from everything i needed to left me out to die and my leaves were turning brown right before my eyes. I fought for someone who chose everyone and everything over me. now i choose me. I love me now more than ever! now i water myself. I forgive you for you had no clue what to do with such a special gift from God. You still don’t and unfortunately will never get another chance to try in this lifetime at least. I pray you’re happy. I wish you no bad. As i heal, i have a much greater understanding of self and know now that i will never pour all of that hopeless love in to anyone but me and that will never be a game i lose.  

Ps, Was the grass greener on the other side?


  1. Miss Havisham 9 months ago

    I feel this way too, but I can’t put it into words. I hope you are not hurting much now (like I am, we broke up yesterday)

  2. angel 8 months ago

    nice job i really felt that

  3. Ade 8 months ago

    I get because I’m going through this amount of heartache
    Don’t think bitterness is valuable in a letter or in life?
    Think you should edit it and leave in the positives ,
    Just my opinion,
    I’ve written out letters like this but left them in my notes.
    There is no place for bitterness or anger, even when the pain is

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