How to feel better after a break-up

How to feel better after a break-up

How to feel better after a break-up
feel better after breakup

Someone stomped on your heart and you’re looking for something, anything to restore your world to rights. Well, we can’t promise that right now – but we do have some suggestions for making it through the next moment, and the next, and the next. Here’s how to feel better after a break up.

Sleep. It’s free, a beautiful respite from break-up pain and in those early days, literally the only time you’re not thinking about your shitty life and how miserable you are and how nothing will ever be alright again. During my last break-up I slept about 14 hours a day. I was basically a cat.

Read. My poison was Marian Keyes (Watermelon and Rachel’s Holiday are her break-up bibles and damn funny).

Eat. Remember that burritos are a complete meal (well, as good as it gets when you’re depressed but so damn sick of toast).

Sip. If you ask me, there’s not a lot of things more comforting than sipping a hot, milky cup of tea and dunking a decent biscuit or two into it.

Orgasm. Only IF you feel up to it. Because often after a break-up the Big O can make you sadder because you’re just reminded you of the person you’re trying not to think about.

Drink. I recommend coconut margaritas. But don’t go there alone. Break-up drunkenness should always be a group sport.

Sun. Tempting as it is to stay put in your man cave of misery / boudoir of broken dreams, drag yourself outside once in a while. A little fresh air and some Vitamin D can do amazing things for your mood.

Talk. To a friend or a therapist. Just don’t bottle it up.

Travel. I wrote a whole blog post about all the reasons why post-split travel is so awesome.

Weep. But slap a time limit on the tsunami of emotion; you don’t want to freak out the neighbours. Mine was 5 minutes a day and after a while it got boring crying over someone who’d been the world’s biggest douchebag jerk alive, so I stopped.

Write. Shameless plug on my part, sure, but penning a vengeful or sad letter to someone who’s just stomped on your heart is actually a brilliant way to get all that toxic shit out of your head.

Got a good post-break-up feel-better strategy? Hit up the comments.


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