Back to square one

Back to square one

Back to square one

LTME postSo, you suddenly got in touch – telling me how you always have, always will love me.. how you’d tried so hard to let me be but it was torture for you.
You were supposed to let me know when you were back from your trip, and you haven’t.
I’ve even been wondering if you’re okay, if something terrible has happened.
I guess in that respect I’m right, cos something terrible has happened for me.. I’m pining away here, and I don’t know what to do (at least that’s the stance I’m taking, although common bloody sense tells me what I should do)
I wish I could be kind about you;wish you well, maybe. But I can’t. I just can’t.
The best I can wish you is everything you deserve. X


  1. Prince Doza 6 years ago

    I remember hearing something like “The person isn’t evil, their actions are. Who controls the person? Only themselves.” Holding on to ill will is understandable, but it’s ultimately better to forgive.

  2. M 6 years ago

    He’s done nothing to forgive, really.
    Just been thoughtless, stupid, and immature for a man of his age.
    In other words, his usual self..
    I don’t know how or if we/I can move on from this.
    I think it’s ruined.

  3. Prince Doza 6 years ago

    There are conflicting reports saying some men don’t “get it” until some time into their 40s. Sad, I guess, but such was the case for my dad. I hope I can cross that line sooner than he. Each generation should do better than the last, right? lol
    As for stupid, thoughtless behavior… I’ve heard many different things that would pertain. Sometimes a man acts thoughtlessly when enveloped by his thoughts. Sometimes he acts as a monster to prevent himself from becoming one. I know I’m guilty of letting emotions get the best of me and going on a rambling diatribe that was pure blind rage. However, in terms of an “emotional timeline”, my vitriolic rant was a single flash of lightning in what has otherwise been a rain storm.
    If he’s worth his stones, he’ll at least have a rudimentary idea of what his issues are as well as be actively working on bettering himself.

  4. M 6 years ago

    Well, I live in hope..

  5. D 6 years ago

    J is that you? x

  6. M 6 years ago

    No, I’m sorry, I really am an ‘M’.
    I hope you make contact with J somehow though. Good luck!

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