Dear Deceiver…

Dear Deceiver…

Dear Deceiver…

I know the whole thing was a lie, I know now I was betrayed. I wish that I could see you to spit in your face and ridicule you like you did me. But I refuse to let you see me angry because I know in your sick mind you’ll be satisfied that I am hurt. You are a two-faced son of a bitch who took advantage of my kindness, patience and my heart. I wish I could take every minute back because you don’t deserve the shit that I step on, let alone all the things I did for you. I can see that you are happy and quite pleased with yourself for getting away with what you did. Terribly busy pretending that you are the good, honourable and respectful person in front of others.

I have decided to stay quiet for now restraining myself not to blow up at you, because I have faith somewhere deep down that one day you will pay for what you did to me and that the real you will be exposed. Everyone will see you for the liar and deceiver you really are. I wish nothing but misery and torment for you so you can feel the pain of what you have done to others. I am sure I am not the first. I dont know why I needed this experience but I cannot blame anybody but myself. I am a complete fool and the only one to blame. I should have listened to my gut, I should have taken those signs seriously, I should have listened to the advice of others.

I didn’t want to believe it. I can now see why you have no true value among others, or integrity. The world around you has no respect for you – because you dont know how to respect yourself or others. you are a user, an opportunist, and a low selfish bastard. I can’t believe I was ever involved with you. You are scum. I hope and pray that I will witness your suffering for what you did to me. You think you won, you think you escaped your lies but I am waiting for the day that your past finds you, corrupts and destroys you.


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