She FLIPPED out on ex’s ass

She FLIPPED out on ex’s ass

She FLIPPED out on ex’s ass

This is going to sound strange but what I’m going to share is 2 consecutive text messages from a woman who is also the ex of my ex-boyfriend. She and I discovered he was seeing both of us at the same time for years actually (as well as others also… oh yes, he was/is extremely skilled at his cheating/manipulating craft). She and I became close friends through it all. Anyhow… she forwarded me these texts she sent him after she confronted him about the whole mess. Possibly the BEST FLIP OUT texts on an ex I’ve ever read… sure made my mouth drop to the ground several times as she ends it spectacularly!! LOL

“You weak ass mother fucker! I figured that! Don’t call me or come near me cuz I will call the police. Just so you know I am going to let everyone know what kind of piece of shit u are! Every fucking time I go to the dr for this shit I am going to go at it again.”
“Toss my shit. I will be contacting everyone of your fb friends starting with Linda M*#@^ and Michelle. Change your password before I lock you out of your account n put all kinds of wonderful stuff on there. Why would I do this? Because you cannot say sorry. Btw… You can’t do shit about any of this. I checked. I have proof of all that I say. I HATE YOU! I hope to god you have another accident and die. Have fun being a player because aids doesn’t discriminate just because of your age. And btw… Did you know you can develop HPV in your mouth/throat by licking? You licked mine and *#@^’s… Yum yum mother fucker! Hope you develop that and get throat cancer you diseased piece of shit!”


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