Please Just Let It Go.

Please Just Let It Go.

Please Just Let It Go.

I can’t believe I have been dealing with you for almost 10 years now. If it were up to me, we would have never met, because all you have ever done is cause me heartache and stress. Through all of your issues, including the death of your brother, i have been there by your side. I let you cry on my shoulder. But what do i get in return? I get called a bitch, a ho, a cunt. I came to visit you 2 years ago, and you were so rude to me. I paid for everything, and I let you borrow money, with no thank you. And of course, you have yet to pay me back the money I let you BORROW, but yet you are out buying sneakers and alcohol. How could you be so cold to a person you claim has been there for you when nobody else was?

You always throw the word “friendship” around. Explain how you have ever been a friend to me? Do friends call one a bitch and a cunt? Do friends ask borrow money and never pays them back?? Absolutely not. I am so done with you. You are an alcoholic, and you have some deep rooted issues that will take some serious counseling to overcome. You want so bad for people to care about you, but look at how you treat people! I have been riding for you since day one, and you have treated me like complete shit. The fact that you still continue to contact me knowing damn well you owe me money literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Like Beyonce says, “To think that there was a time that i almost loved you, you showed your ass, and i saw the real you. Thank God you blew it, thank God i dodged a bullet. I’m so over you, good looking out”. Consider this 10 year roller coaster OVER. Stop calling me, stop texting me, stop emailing me. I dont want my money back, i want this to be over. I hope you get the counseling you truly need. Maybe next time you will truly value ones friendship.


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