The sight of you…

The sight of you…

The sight of you…

Dear u

After al we’ve been thru I put my hear on the line my relationship with my family my relationship with god for u to dump me at 2:03 am over Kik really all that bull about u loved me and well be together for ever was all abunch of bs and now u have god knows how many rebound side hoe chicks and u act like u don’t even know me as if I no as if we were nothing honestly and then u feel more than happy to go spread lies and talk all types of shit about me I did nothing to deserve this we cpuld remain friends my ass u completely ignore me and r completely disrespectful

u are so immature ur the biggest player and man whore I have ever met yet I fell for ur bs and fell for u I wanted to b ur everything I wanted u to b ur everything i would of done anything for u web ur fake ass friends talked all types of shit about u I would b there to defend u wen u had family issues I was there I was always there for u supported and stood there for u I didn’t know to b inlove u needed to play a game I guess I was real and that’s somethin u can’t handle and now ur all over my bff really wow that’s a load of shit and ur also talking to the girl u cheated on me with but i should of figured tho all the shir u was spitting so unoriginal tbh

I don’t need u but i s love u but I’m not an idiot please sray away from me u are disgusting the sight of u all over her makes me wanna gag and wen our eyes met all I c is all ur lies all ur bs that breaks my hear everytime I c u feels like time is moving slow and u know u hurt me and u still don’t care how I’m feeling how u affected me I would wake up crying because a piece of me was gone but now I c I am a different person I have changed thnx for doin this to me because Ik ur gonna regret it because hs doesn’t last forever and I am who I am because of ppl like u I guess I was too naive but i can truly say I forgive u I am so ashamed to call u my ex uggg My heart breaks a little web I hear ur name I hope all 100000000 of ur side hoe make u happy and I can truly say I hope u find wat ur looking for From Me the one who truly cared


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