This confusing relation…

This confusing relation…

This confusing relation…

Hi J

I just wanted to say that I’m really thankful that i met you in the month of august, you took my virginity away the day before my birthday and i had pleasant moments with you. I know that you have change after that, i guess that we both changed. I do had some sort of regrets, like the fact that i wasn’t myself with you. I lied about a lot of things, before i used to tell you how i didn’t want a relationship but with time i start liking you. I wasn’t honest about it and about who i was as a person.

 Sometimes i really miss you, sometimes i do pray for you to come back to me. The thing is that i was addicted to you, you were always the first one that was calling me to hang out and i felt like you really adore me. Now im alone… i know you’re seeing a girl right now, well it’s your friend but you don’t call me anymore, and she’s lucky to have you in her life as a friend or maybe more. I’m affraid that you will get feelings for her … :/ You were so cool! You had a heart and things were very light and simple with you. A lot of things had been left misunderstood… the truth is that i wish you won’t forget me… even if i know that you’re over me now.

Things has change a lot, i know, life constantly change, what we were, what we did is just something we shared in the past. I don’t regret meeting you, i just regret loving you and i regret how things has turned worst than they were. Im just sad right now, when i see you with someone else i’m like emotionnally sad… but what can i do ? I’m mad at her.. i wish to stop having feelings for you..


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  1. Sarah Lund 4 years ago

    I know this will sound easy, but it’s really not worth having feelings for a man who already wants someone else. You’ll only be wasting YOUR OWN time. You could be going to pubs and finally get to meet another man. You never find out by not trying. xx

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