To tell a story

To tell a story

To tell a story


I am sorry if this is uncalled for and you still do not want to hear from me.
It’s a email to see if you are interested in just saying hey:)

I will put a quick message here and then something else at the bottom if you want to continue reading.

I just wanted to say that it felt awkward yesterday when I seen you.
I wanted to say hello, but I didn’t know if you would have wanted me to.

I wanted to come over and see how you are doing.
Find out what you have been up to.
But I didn’t know if the time was right for you.

Maybe this message is something you did not wish to receive either.
But just wanted to say hey, your seem happy 🙂
I hope that you may want to just read a little some time.
Obviously in your own time.

I’m gonna write some more below now but I will end it here just in case this is not what you wanted either.
If so I am sorry for this and I hope that one day you can feel like you can say hi back.
I’d like that 🙂

Rick x








It is strange to do this, but i have nobody really to tell my stories to now.

Where to start…
Your birthday! I hope you had a great time 🙂 I sent a text to say happy bday, but I guess you may have changed your number.
You look great! Really nice to see you smiling with your friends.

I hope the family are ok, miss them too. Your mums cooking is still the best thing here in Barcelona. hehe

For me..
I don’t remember if I told you that I got the job at XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX.
I remember that day I was going for the interview and you told me to be strong and be confident and not to mess up, it really paid off.
Means a lot that you helped me succeed in that part. So thank you 🙂

The job is good. I have honestly never felt so happy to wake up in the morning and feel happy about work.
I thought XXXXXXX was good but now I realise that I was bored there and had no push to do anything.
Then with XXXXXXX, that place just made me so miserable.
Sorry that I was so down for that long.
It made me realise in the end that I needed to gain control and confidence in myself again.


What else? erm..
I am proud of myself for not running away, like I usually do every time something goes a different direction than I wanted it to.

I think after I went back to the UK for a holiday, I realised that the lifestyle there is not what I want.
They are all into the drug taking and partying all the time. I quit everything, even cigarettes for like a month.
Stupidly I fell into their trap and started smoking again. Failing there! haha

I will quit, I think I am going to start quitting at the end of the month . No fuck it, I am going to stop again now, this is my last one!
It’s time again to push myself haha.
There done… I even waited to finish the cigarette before I continued writing hahaha.

So what other things do I have to tell you…
Oh, my Nan and Grandad will not stop talking about you. haha. They miss you.
They have sent messages to your Facebook for your bday, but you’re never on so you wouldn’t have received it. I told them that. I think they understood lol.
You know how they are. lol

Writing this is really strange but helps.
I keep thinking I still have my best friend out there somewhere, but just lost. Silly, but it helps.

So I just want to leave you with that. There is more but I don’t wish to bore you, especially if you don’t want to hear from me.
Hope that is not the case.
The least I could do is to try and say hi again like an adult.
I hope that if you did read this, and hopefully you could find some time to write back someday.


I will leave you with this a short list of things I would like to say to you 🙂

– I miss my best friend.
– To hear your voice briefly yesterday made me smile. I miss it.
– It would be great to get to hang with you again when and if you want to . I want to hear some funny stories. (sure you have some)
– That you look happy and gorgeous as ever… did you do something with your hair?
– If you ever need to talk, If you ever need to get something off your chest or if you ever want to make fun of me hehe.
Then feel free to just get in touch. I’m always available 🙂

P.S – If we ever do see one another again, just say hi. I will always have time to speak to you 🙂
Miss ya

(a not so far away, long lost friend)


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