You will always be alone

You will always be alone

You will always be alone


You are perhaps the biggest mistake I ever made. I think you were in love with the thought of me.. Not me. You thought being with me made you more important and I guess it did for awhile.

I was the best thing that ever happened to you! I showed you how to study and strive. To move up professionally and socially.

I gave up too much to be with you. A serial womanizer with a big ego. You are a man with no honor. A liar, a cheat and a thief. You lived with me and paid her rent. You abused my trust and hurt my heart.

You are so stupid… She tooke you for a ride and when you crashed you looked to me for emotional support. You have gone thru so many women in your quest not to die alone. But you fail. You are a nacasistic bastard of the highest order. I see you and pity you. My world is a better place without you in it. I want to think I didn’t waste 6 years on you. That you taught me something.. But damn I just can’t think what that might be?

You tooke too much from me. That’s the kind of man you are. No integrity, not even close! Look in the mirror and see your face melt away. Alone. You get what you deserve. The universe provides.


  1. Louise 8 years ago

    Oh, just my story

  2. Marni 3 months ago

    Ten years later. You run but you can’t hide from yourself. The man you are goes with you. You’re more important now, with my help, but you’re still the lonely insecure little man in the puffed up body with “ no face”.

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