Fuck you

Fuck you for betraying my trust. I honestly expected you to be a better person than this but I guess you’ll never fail to disappoint me. You don’t just give a person hope that they can actually live a normal fucking life and then suddenly abandon them. I really needed you and you just started ignoring me without any explanation.

Fuck you for sending me a two line text message when I said I wanted to talk about what’s been going on between us. Don’t you fucking dare tell me that you really hope I can move on now, not when you were the one who said you wanted to try this relationship thing.

Fuck you for leading me on and sending me such an insincere text and saying stupid non committal shit like “I don’t have the time or energy to try for a relationship during the school year”. I know you liked me before I started liking you but you didn’t say anything because you’re a fucking passive coward. I was willing to try, even though I’ve got a busier schedule than you have.

Fuck you for smiling and pretending nothing has happened between us the day after you rejected me. You can’t just rip my heart to shreds and expect our friendship to last.

Fuck you for being completely unaffected by this whole thing. You, who have never experienced true hardship, will never understand what I was going through with all my family shit, will never understand how much crueler it is to lead someone to believe there’s hope in a hopeless situation only to let them down than it is to just not help them at all.

But most of all, fuck you for actually convincing me that you were a guy worth loving. I was fine in solitude, I didn’t need comfort from others, yet despite all my protests you destroyed my wall and then just abandoned me, left me defenseless. And now I’m just a fucked up beyond repair. You made me ruin myself and I hate you and hate myself for letting you do that to me.


  1. Mary 3 years ago

    That’s amazing!!!

  2. kan 2 years ago

    It is good.

  3. Betsy 2 years ago

    I’m totally stealing this (well, parts of it anyway) to send to my ex

  4. alivia 2 years ago

    dang ya that’s how my ex did me the fifth time we dated and like he just left without a word it just kida felt like shit

  5. Sy kaey 2 years ago


  6. Breanna 2 years ago

    Really love this one

  7. sonia 1 year ago

    If you got dumped like this ladies – check it.
    The best revenge you can get on an ex – show them how you moved on.
    Hit the gym, get your shit together – let them see what they coulda had.

  8. Marina 10 months ago

    I felt all that

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