Unused birthday gift

Unused birthday gift

Unused birthday gift

To Brittany,

You 22nd birthday is coming up soon. All I can think about is how I spent $115 on dancing lessons for you for your birthday last year.

You were so happy by my gift because you mention about a month earlier how great it would be if we could learn how to ballroom dance.

I told you that the dancing lessons would expire 6 months from now, and that you needed to set up the dates, and I would ask off of work, so we could learn how to dance.

You never called. You had only one job, and that was to set up the dancing times. I was(and still am) hurt that you did not respect me enough to use the dancing lessons that I bought for us.

I wish I was not so in love with you during that time because I would have saw how little I meant to you, and how much you used me.


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