I still love you that much

I still love you that much

I still love you that much

I just dont know where to start this letter but i guess i’ll start with , I still Love You. 1st time that i saw you i told myself that i’ll never fall inlove with someone like you because i want a man who can make me feel like a princess. but suddenly in a one snapped, i just dont know what happened to me, it changes my whole mood, Its like I did know you for a thousand years before.

You know every step you take im counting it, cause when your taking 3 steps away from me, i just want to hug you tightly. its like im going to die without you. Sometimes i think im going to be crazy, cause i did buy a dress like miho’s dress. Its because I really miss you so much my Dae Woong. I Want you to know that even you always know that im  waiting and loving you for my entirely life. Your still the one that ive been waiting for so pls take care of your self always. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH And i will never Change that Feelings and I swear to god that i dont want to love again if it is not you. My Letter Ends here but my prayers and my love for you will never end here even infinity break its own.


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