I wanted you to hurt like you hurt me

I wanted you to hurt like you hurt me

I wanted you to hurt like you hurt me

dear m,

my best friend told you everything. she told you about my plan to get back at you, about how i can’t make my mind up, about how it’s all my fault but i’m blaming you. i’m denying none of it. it’s true. i wanted you to hurt like you hurt me, i wanted to show you how it feels to be replaced by your best friend. but i can’t. i love you too much to hurt you like that, i respect myself to much to do that. this morning you woke me up, the sound of my phone when you text startled me, but somehow i knew it was from you so i got up and looked. we argued again, i hate arguing with you but i’d rather that than not communicate with you at all. now my number is blocked from your phone and i have no way to explain. she ruined everything. i know deep down you still have feelings for me, everyone tells me so, but what wonders me is, if you love me so much like you say you do why don’t you just ask for me back. all you have to do is say the word and i would happily drop anyone for you. i was stupid to let you go and all i want is another chance

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  1. Her friend 3 months ago

    No women will do this, bcz if u kept hurting her all she feels is the hurt amd is guarded by that. U need to prove to her that she is worth it, make her feel like she is the one and she will subdue.

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