I can’t really forget you.

I can’t really forget you.

I can’t really forget you.

Hi, you were really charming but i don’t know if im attached to the wrong guy. Your charm was hiding all the bad consequences i think. I really enjoyed the time i spend with you in your house, with your frinds. It felt new to me and nice.

Yes now, i’m alone. I’m really alone, not just a little bit. I’m also jealous that you hang out with cool people that i wish i could have hang out with too. Anyways, im jealous and i don’t feel young and fresh anymore. I need you sometimes and sometimes i just need a guy to hug me but my brain and head always goes to you. Im stuck on you and that’s my biggest problem.

I can’t get over you because i’m stuck on you.

I just wished that things havent got that wrong. I tried to met other guys but they are not as sweet as you were to me. We had a bond and thats hard to find nowadays. I know that you felt betrayed by me. I just wish you can forgive me please and that you think about our moments together and remember the good.

I still wish you can come and talk to me. Kisses love you

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  1. F&A 8 years ago

    if you want to talk in person you have an hour to do so

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