Never again

Never again

Never again

I will never understand you. I believe everything was a lie the friendship the relationship. I dont even know you any more. I knew dating a friend would be messy and that the risk of losing you as a friend was high BUT never in a million years did I ever expect, think or knew you would act like this…

Even Though I ended the relationship you make it seem like i did it to hurt you and that was not the case. I was unhappy…I told you that. Then instead of being an adult and talking it out you lashed out at me and tried to get even. Thats not what you do when you love someone. After the relationship ended you tried everything to hurt me and on the outside it didnt bother me but on the inside I was hurt. How could someone who was my friend turned lover be so cold.

I understand that breakups are messy and they sometimes hurt but being a jerk and trying to get even never gets you anywhere in life. Then turn around and think that we will be friends with benefits. That was a slap in the face. I know you tell people that the relationship ending was my fault and I dont care I will never see those people anyway.

All, I ever wanted was for you to succeed and be happy and to do great things in life. I wanted nothing but good things for you..Even now. I still wish you well even after all you’ve done.


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