Destined to be alone

Destined to be alone

Destined to be alone

I just wanted to tell you this. I love you in every way that i can. And I miss you like i cant describe.  i miss the future i may have had with you. I miss the past, I miss every time i held you or kissed you, or felt you next to me.

But you know i will love you forever Dawn. Id still do anything for you. I cant forget how my heart feels i never will. Odd thing, If i get the bus and it passes near your house, i get nervous in case i see you. My heart feels like it will burst out of my chest. Every where im haunted by the ghost of what could have been. But then i never lied to you when said i love you. Even when you doubted me.

You never saw my heart or knew how much it loves you, even in is run down smashed broken state, every bit thats left loves you. So what ever happens what paths you or i go on, you will always be the love of my life you will always remain special to me, you will always be first if you need anything. I WONT ever move on i know i have tried and given up trying. I am destined to be alone, a lone heart wandering in the darkness, a lost star trying to light up the night. But without you i cant. Love always


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