In need of a time machine.

In need of a time machine.

In need of a time machine.

I miss you so much. I wish I’d known when I met you 4 years ago, the things I know today. Maybe we wouldn’t have hurt each other so badly. I’m trying to forgive you. And one day. I really hope you forgive me too. I will always love you. This hurts so badly. I wish I could tell you. Hear your voice. Pretend like I don’t feel angry or resentful. Pretend I’m okay. In a perfect world, you’d pretend too. And we would be two of the happiness individuals on earth.  

You don’t know how much I think about our time together. Wish I could go back in time and arrive at a different outcome. One where our arguments end in hugs. Or where we never met. I know it wasn’t all me. Or all you. It was us. And I forgive us for the things we said and the people we turned into.  I can’t wish you the best because I’m still hurting. But I do wish you well. Goodbye my love.


  1. anonymous 7 years ago

    Don’t let this person go if you are still in love. Forgiveness is the best gift we can give to someone, and to ourselves. He or she may just be waiting for you to do the first step. The most awful stories (and I speak from experience) can still have happy ends if both try to speak about your issues and forgive yourselves (I am now happily married with the person that I am talking about here, and would have regretted my whole life not taking him back)

  2. anonymous 7 years ago

    if I could have this time I machine, I would use it too. Speak more openly about what made me doubt. Not say the terrible things I have said to keep him away. I needed him, but was so scared and angry. I will always love him, too. I wish he could forgive me, because I am ready to forgive him. If only he would have been more communicative, and me too. We would be together and happy, and speaking about a happy future. I miss him everyday. And that will never stop.

  3. anonymous 7 years ago

    I also wish I would have that machine. He will never know that, before he left on holidays, inside the keyholder I had left a message, on which I was telling him that I loved you. I changed the message by fear it was not reciprocate. I regret that he will never know this, as much as I regret how much we have hurt each other.

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