To the one that got away.

To the one that got away.

To the one that got away.

LTME postMel. It was 140days ago when you wreck my heart. No hugs from friends, no pieces of advice, no amount of alcohol could lessen the physical and emotional pain I felt. My heart felt it was ripped out of my chest.
I couldn’t understand why you gave up easily. Knowing how much you love me. You said you were afraid for me to “do things” here in manila. But by breaking my heart i “did things” here to forget you. to forget all the pain. But i was wrong. Then i “realized” and I met marc. I didn’t expect him to do those things. To court me. To love me. To do efforts and everything. Marc is consistent of all the guys that i met here. ( just like you) yesterday, I made him read the message you sent months ago. ( the letter for your next) while reading, it made me cry again. I dont know why im such a cry baby. But everyday i always tell marc and my friends that i like marc but i still love you despite of all the things. I am so unfair right?

SO FINALLY STARTING TODAY, I promise not to think, stalk and message you anymore. I know you’re happy, and im happy for that, too. I guess you were right breaking up with me because i can see that you are truly happy. This is my last ever message to you, after this i will block all necessary people not because im bitter but because its for the best and the right thing to do.

Mel, from this day forward I am letting you go completely, i am letting “US” to go separate ways, i am letting myself to go freely and move forward. For me to start a new one also. I make look happy (yes im happy in someways but there something in me that hinders being 100% happy. Nhhirapan nadin ako, sana maintndhan mko kung sobrang kulit ko lagi sayo past days. Alam mo nmn ikaw lng may alam lng ng sa family ko at close kayo pero tanggap ko na yun. That “you and me” cannot be.
Anyway, Mel, please take care of yourself. set your limits in all things and balance everything. I trust you on that. Ikaw pa ba? Know your priorities. 😉 Make tita salve and tito meloy proud of their youngest Son. I know you can do it. Like kuya charvz or more better than kuya charvz. I miss your family so much. ( but i miss you the most) Kiss thalie for me, and all the makukulit dogs. Hehe. Also to kuya kim na until now comment ng comment ng #melo sa picture ko 😂 kulit nya talaga… You are great person inside and out. Loving. Caring. Understanding all in one. Kaya,

Jo(right?), (please tell her this)
thank you for making melo happy and please continue until forever. Please don’t do the same mistakes i did.
Support him in anyway, LoL, basketball, studies and everything.
Cook for him ( he loves that ) Surpise him also ( para mainlove lalo sayo 😂)
Be nice to his beautiful family ( they are the best, they will treat you as one) Neutral relationship give and take.
He is the best person, he will spoil you, he will court you, he will love you everysingle day. And I hope you will love him the way he deserves and I hope he will love you even more than me. I hope he gives you the “fairytale” I thought would once be my life. I have found acceptance that we can’t be together anymore. Im happy that someone else gets the chance to experience what i did. I hope to properly meet you someday when everything is alright and set. I truly mean it when I say I hope it all works out for the both you. Again, Please take care of my ex bebeboy. and please Love him unconditionally!!!! Thank you so much 😊

Mel, Our experience was good one. Please don’t think that your first love as a tragedy. Remember it as something that allowed us to grow. I will learn from our relationship and i will not dwell in the past anymore. Thank you for showing me whats its like to love someone and be loved 100% because although in our case it wasn’t that right, but we both really love each other and it was a beautiful thing. And as strange as this, thank you for breaking my heart. I came out of it a lot stronger than I ever knew I could be( plus the fact that i live alone here in manila all of life struggles, I made it ) I think I know how to handle relationship a lot better now, and enjoy the little things in life a lot more. You taught me to appreciate everything in the moment, because you never know what the future brings. Kahit mahal na mahal ka, may hangganan at mapapagod din taalaga pag inabuso na. And sorry for that. But I hope that now you can look back on our relationship with a little smile and remember the good parts also. You were my true love, and I was yours. A part of me will always love you for that and I hope you’ll always love me, too.
But, Mel, I am letting “us” go. I am letting you go 100%. Take care

Loving you in a different way now, Ann.


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