Although i was your first, i know you’re only learning

Although i was your first, i know you’re only learning

Although i was your first, i know you’re only learning

LTME postDear B,
I’d like to give you a few tips for your future girlfriend, because knowing as I was your first I can tell you that you didnt ace the job but I know you dont know that and you were trying your a point.

Don’t make her feel guilty for being with her family and friends.. she will need them when you decide to leave.
Don’t make her feel sad for missing a night out with you to get stuff done for work or school, although you may be her future that can change dont mess up her dreams.
Don’t rush her into anything she will let you know when shes comfortable with moving forward don’t bring it up every other week.
Don’t agree with her when she says shes fat/ugly, you’re supposed to love her for her, appreciate her body it can do wonderful things.
Don’t tell her that she should have to see you everyday of the week, you aren’t her only priority take what you can get as long she makes time for you. If not that could be a problem.
Don’t make her regret her choices in what she tells you she’s trying her best to open up to you it takes time to earn trust it’s not something just handed out.
Don’t let another girl ruin it all. She should be your number one and you should respect her past not use it against her.
Don’t take her to our spot it will shatter my heart and she will be just as upset if she finds out it isnt special to you two.
& most importantly please don’t let her question if you actually love her, tell her more than she needs to know especially if she has low self-esteem.

Do tell her shes beautiful and use the word beautiful, it will make her day so much better and it will let her know how much you love her.
Do kiss her as much as possible but not to a point of suffocation.
Do reassure her that your friends like her it will make going out so much easier.
Do keep her above everyone else, not that you have to cancel plans but dont cancel plans with her for your friends & expect the same from her, commit to plans and don’t change them unless the circumstances are understandable.
Do take her out to supper every once in a while she likes an actual date.
Do show her off make her your queen and make everyone that doesn’t have what you have jealous.
Do hold her like it’s the last time you ever will.

I could sit here and give a list longer than this but I have books to read, friends to party with, and adventures to be had. I understand that you arent fully aware of what a relationship intails and the work that goes into it. I understand you idolize what your friends have and want that for yourself and you must realize that what they have after a year or two took a year or two to get to that point. Im not mad, maybe a bit bitter but that’s normal. It has changed my outlook I just wish you the best in finding that someone that gets to enjoy everything you have to offer it just wasn’t me.

Treat her well and you’ll give her the world !

Sincerely , Too busy to be around & not trusting enough (mistakenly)
-J , xo

P.S. If she asks if youre dating after 2 times hanging out dont start calling her your girlfriend it’s a lot to take in after a week & mildly shocking


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