You don’t deserve my friendship

You don’t deserve my friendship

You don’t deserve my friendship

LTME postYou know what you’re problem is? You only care about YOUR HAPPINESS. You’re extremely selfish and ONLY CARE WHAT YOU WANT. When are you going to wake up and realize that NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU. You’re insecure and unhappy with yourself. I was going through a difficult time and you are douchebag for staying with me because of “guilt”. You emotionally cheated on me, you could of said something like “If you want to make this relationship to work…”, rather than “I want you to be more confident” or “I’m horny. Let’s have sex.” You would rather have a stupid slut that worships you than a girl who was faithful to you all this time. You don’t want to compromise and you are afraid of change.You are a coward. You faked a future with me because it gets you what you want in the present. You got “bored” because all you care is about your needs. You’re so spoiled and used to just things handed down to you.
You say that we’re “different” and you don’t understand each others love. I feel like you want a relationship on your own terms. What is your deal with “idealizing people”? Who does that? I accepted you for who you are and why can’t you do the same for me? You are always going to find some flaw in people. You only want perfection because you’re barely perfect yourself. You don’t even do anything to improve yourself. You used me.

You said you tried your “best”. Tried your best at what? Changing me for your benefit? You would rather go out with friends and abandoned your girlfriend of 5 years. You’re not ready to grow up.

By the way, my parents think you don’t talk to them enough either. But they don’t care. You only care about looking good to other people.

The way you treated me after the break up showed me your true colors. Don’t you dare try to call or text me saying, “I’m sorry for what happened. I hope you are ok”. This isn’t some “Hurry up and accept my apology so I can feel less guilty and move on with my life.” As if it’s some consolation prize. So you can tell people “we’re still friends” so you look like the good guy? You are a true narcissist.

You don’t deserve my friendship after you treated me so poorly. I hate you and I don’t trust you. Don’t ever contact me again and stay away from my parents, they don’t like you for blindsiding me. You are are fucking jerk that wasted five years of my life.

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  1. Zea 7 years ago

    I am so sorry- I really hope you find someone considerate. You deserve a healed heart

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