You are worth more

You are worth more

You are worth more

LTME postFrom the inside we were happy. Planning a future. Talking about being a family. From the outside… we were never going to work. Your “ex” was always in the picture. You were always going to pick her. You are a broken man who deserves something good. And i can tell you it is not her skanky ass. She cheated on you and WILL do it again. As much as I want to hate you and wish bad things, I cant. I love you. I always will. You never fully gave us a chance. You were scared that your life was going to change. You are a fucking father and cant screw around with skanky hoes who dont even like your girls. Your never going to be happy. We had so much potential. And you screwed it up by thinking like a child and not like the man I know you to be. Your insecurities are going to go away with her. I gave myself all to you. Im not broken… but you sure bent me.

PS the first time we had sex…I wasnt even sure you were in me…Your tiny dick rat bastard!
PSS the last time we had sex… I will never forget how clear I saw a future with you and how good you made me feel.

Love you always, and am working on hating you.


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