Please don’t make me hate you

Please don’t make me hate you

Please don’t make me hate you

LTME postI am still hurting. Hurting ever since you decided to remove me completely in your life. Yes I know that there were many things that were bothering you, and “so many things on your plate” as you have said. I just don’t understand how can you just set aside our relationship just like that? How can you just leave me hanging (you told me that we will talk after a week) and then just completely cut me off without any explanations at all. How would I know if I did something wrong? I waited patiently for you to come back. All I wanted to know is if you’re okay. If we’re still okay. But you were being such an asshole. And then what, you’d tell me that I deserve better?! I GUESS I DO. But fuck you, I gave you so many chances to redeem yourself to me. And in the end, you end up being the exact person that you tell your female friends to stay away from.
– you’re not yet financially stable
– you worry too much about everything
– you are always insecure and you just mask it by acting all macho in front of everyone
– you don’t really care about what i feel
– you only took advantage of my kindness
– you are very afraid of commitments
– you are very selfish

My friends were right. I deserve so much better.

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  1. SM? 8 years ago

    I wrote here to another letter for both are so similar, the other spoken much nicer than here. Yet I can understand your upset for I am in losing you the love of my life. I never left you hanging as you were the one that said to leave & not to call. Remember? So therefore how could I? In fact I did twice many weeks later after I had worked on myself to be the better man.My platonic female friends the ones I never hid & wanted you to meet? Not like the male friends I found about afterwards when you told me & said I can see who I like…..yet you forgot to tell me about it? You admitted you got jealous of my female long friends so I didn’t see them because of you. That’s the truth!I wanted you to meet all my friends but because of time constraints & the little time I saw you I wanted to spend it with you. Those dot points are all untrue. I’m financially stable? I may have lost all my house in a previous separation, but I’ve been diligently saving for a home.I will have own by the end of this year! :I worry about too much because I wanted reassurance from you as I didn’t see you that often. Is that wrong to want to spend quality time with the woman he loves. I was lucky to spend 8-10 hours a week. I’ve never been insecure, if I didn’t care about you then why am I writing & have hoped in blind faith that our love is strong enough to be together again. I hope I’m wrong this is you for I’m selfless as I did so much for you? What was the last thing I did for you? Had your car serviced. Is that a selfish act? No. Commitment! I wanted to live with you, buy a house together with you son living there. See it must not be you for I have proven otherwise what you believed. I would be saddened if it was for I love you unconditionally & want to be as one again.

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