Baking away your heartbreak

Baking away your heartbreak

Baking away your heartbreak
Letter To My Ex | Baking away your heartbreak

What do you do when you’re a heartbroken creative artist? You turn all those stereotypical one-liners people say when they’re dumping you into something poignant… funny… and, well, edible.

Eat Your Heart Out is the ongoing photo project of New York-based artist Isabella Giancarlo, who suffered a break-up of her own last year and came up with the idea she calls ‘part therapy, part poetry’.

“Break-ups are often so fraught with awkwardness, cliches, and lines that stay with us long after they’ve been said,” she told Buzzfeed. “My aim is to allow people to engage with break-up feelings in a new way.”

She asked friends for their heartbreak quotes and used those that resonated with her own experience, resulting in a series of baked goods with messages such as ‘It’s not you, it’s me’, ‘I think of you more as my sister’, ‘We can still be friends’, ‘Fuck you’ and of course, ‘I don’t think I loved you’.

Gives a whole new meaning to emotional eating, huh?

Visit her website to view all the baked goods and submit your own remembered break-up quote.

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  1. Marcin 5 years ago

    Who’d she taling me “I’m not owne you and you not owne me to “you don’t knowing me …

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