To dear Michael,

To dear Michael,

To dear Michael,

It’s been nine months since you broke up with me and to be 100% honest with you. The past five months have put me through hell and back, but I’m FINALLY done and over you. I don’t regret being with you, but I regret some of the choices I made within that relationship. You forced me into losing my virginity to you after 3 months being together. Yes it’s a decent amount of time, but to me it’s a lot bigger than that, I’ve seen some really bad things within my 19 years of life and to be forced into doing something I didn’t want too or wasn’t prepared for just added to that list. You’re a horrible person Michael. After breaking up I got a text message from you at 3:38am, you went out that night and got totally wasted and knowing you being drunk the first person you thought of was me. It said – clo, I need you to come and get me from town, someone’s following me. Knowing that you went out that night in town and I wasn’t able to come out because I wasn’t 18 yet I thought I’d keep my phone on so that if there was a problem I could hear it. I done this thoughout our whole relationship.
What I’m trying to state is that yes I’ve moved on, but yes whenever you need me I’m always going to be there.

I’m happily in a relationship, getting treated how I deserve. So thank you for hurting me.


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