Learning to live without you

Learning to live without you

Learning to live without you


I don’t know how you are, or what you have been up to in life. These days that we haven’t had contact just makes me think and question everything. Everything we have been through. Learning to live without you is a challenge. I don’t think I can move on.

I mean, how can you move on from someone who you spent years of your life with?

You left me for her … how could you lie to me. How could you decide after a few months you wanted commitment. How could you leave me and our child for lust. How? All she wanted was your money. I wanted your love. I feel foolish. You have left me no choice, but to move on. Because it’s the only choice you gave me. I wanted us to work! You knew this. Yet you still left. You left the love I was giving you. It just wasn’t enough for you.

I really hope someday you realize all the love I had for you.

It was real. I really don’t know if you don’t remember or if you are just ignoring it all. I don’t know how you can forget everything we went through!! It was a lot, just so you could throw it all awa … I honestly don’t know what is going to happen from here.

What I do know is that me and you will never be together again. I will never look at you the same. Someday you will realize how much better I was. How my love was real. But hopefully by that time I will have found a man who treats me better than you did. That loves me truly.

That day it will hit you, that you threw our love away. But some man is going to be stepping up to be the man you never were. Good luck with life … the further you stay away from me the better. You are only helping me to move on to better things. Goodbye.

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  1. victoria 7 months ago

    excellent letter

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