What I wish I’d told you

What I wish I’d told you

What I wish I’d told you

LTME-postIt’s been 22 days since the last time I sent that goodbye letter to you. You have no idea how hard is it for me to write that short yet heartbreaking piece of poetry without shedding a tear. I’d like to take this opportunity to say the things I wish I’d told you when you were still here with me.

I could write all the possible compliments in here and It’ll not be enough to describe how perfect you are to me. I met you by chance and not by choice, From the very first moment I saw you, I knew that, Hey.. This girl is going to be special, And I was right. Eventually, We became friends, turned into best friends and fell in love with each other but as time went by, something has changed. And then I lost you, It didn’t hurt that much for me and then we started seeing someone else, dated different people, yet I still could not forget you and then I think the universe wanted us back again so it made a way for us to talk again and after months without each other, we finally speak again and I realized from that moment how much I missed you. And then I had you again, our relationship for the second time around is much better, I could never forget all the happy moments we’ve spent together. But I gave up on you, I gave up on the person who loved me the most and that’s my biggest regret. And now it’s been 22 days, I miss you so much and I’m suffering without you here. I fucked up because I gave up easily, and now… I’ve lost you again. for real. I wish you knew how much I loved you, and still do. I wish you knew how hurt I was and still is. I wish you knew that I completely regret losing you. I wish you knew all of those things that I never got the chance to tell you because once again, I gave you up. I fucked up. I’m sorry.

Please come back to me L, please.


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