LTME-postThis month has been the hardest. We’ve had both good and bad days. Sometimes it seemed to bad out weighed the good, but I never stopped loving you. I never stopped believing you could do anything you put your heart into. As I write about you I’m trying to remember the good in you, but there is also a side of you no one fully knows about. The part of you that could use someone to max potential. The part that would always lie to my face and mentally abuse the hell out of me. You asked me to move away from home to be with you again just so you could make a girl jealous that you wanted so badly after you broke up with me the first time…..and it worked. Now you two are together while I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. To you I was just a chapter, but to me you the whole damn book. I need to let you go though. I need to move on with my life. You’re never coming back and I have need to accept it.


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