LTME-postTo my Big Boo,
I miss you. I can’t do this without you. Without you, I am lost.
It’s been over a year since you ended things with me on my birthday. A day I will forever hate. The messages I saw that you sent her, telling her how you wish she was your partner in crime. The kissy face texts. The ones where you two talked about laying in bed together. What did I do wrong?
For over five years we did everything together. I couldn’t wait to be your wife! We talked about the perfect future. One that I so badly want. You, me, and Mo. We’d wake up in the morning, Mo running into bed wth us. To be it is everything. And you made it seem like this is what you wanted. You strung me along. I fell for it. I sat there thinking this would never end. What did I do wrong?
That day I saw the texts, I remember wanting to die, trying to die. Still feel this way most days. I’m like a zombie. The drugs don’t even help. I wake up feeling miserable. Throughout the day I try not to think of you. But I can’t stop. You were my everything for over five years. My life, my love, my buggie. What did I do wrong?

I really do want to know. What did I do wrong? All I ever did was love you with everything I could. And then you destroyed me. And now I am nothing. A meaningless person who doesn’t deserve to be loved cause I am wrong.


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