Have you become mute, love?

Have you become mute, love?

Have you become mute, love?

LTME-postHey love. It’s pathetic..but I miss you. Funny, I still refer to you as my love even though you’ve removed me from your world. You could’ve said a word, love. But no- you just stopped doing what you do. Trying. Talking. Loving me.

What happened, love? Did you realize something? You could’ve told me! Love! If it was something that we couldn’t fix, or something I just had to deal with, I could’ve just dealt with it, love. I could’ve.

It’s just…heartbreaking to see and feel someone who loved you and sought for you, disrespect you this much. You should have told me, whatever the hell happened inside your head, love. You left me hanging.

Questions formed inside my head. Questions that shouldn’t even have to be asked. So, without you answering them, I made excuses for you. I made myself believe you were just busy with your career, that you just didn’t have enough time, that you’re just..done. It’s not really your problem, eh? I should have just stopped thinking about you, eh? You’re crazy if you think I can do that.

Or maybe I am crazy, because I think that I can now do that. Yeah well, I got the memo, love.

No message is also a message.


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