My severe lack of confidence

My severe lack of confidence

My severe lack of confidence

LTME-postDear Alexsis,
I have a lot of things I wanted to tell you but I was always lacked the confidence to tell you because I was mainly too quiet! One of my many regrets is I never told you how much you mean the world to me. I also wish I’d told you your existence gives me a reason to live. For some reason, I wanted to share my deepest feelings, especially while we were young. You looked so cute and I still think that today! But currently, I am fully aware that you need your space because you have family and responsibilities, but I want you to know, I will never stop loving you! If you ever want to do anything with me and talk about anything whether it’s serious or just a normal conversation, find me anytime, anywhere, just say the word. I will willingly respect your mature choice of words! I will soon work really hard to change my stale image to your approval! May the universe bless me…

Hope we cross paths again,
Kevin aka Mac Valley Kid

P.S. Mac Valley Kid is my working title for a street moniker, not just in the streets, but for friends, but not for my brothers

P.P.S. My brothers teased me more and more this decade, but I remember the advice you gave me when we were in 6th grade. You said to me, “Don’t Let Your Brother’s Teasing Get The Best Of You! You are great just the way you are!” I won’t ever forget that or your face!


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