Your my Ex boyfriend and yet , we keep in touch for 9 years with me moving away from the San Francisco bay area with a broken heart over you. Fast forward 2016 you called me on the phone your dad devastated over loosing Kyle your girlfriend of seven years . You were suicidal I was there for you. We made plans for you to come visit me . You still told me you love me in many ocations!

Please explain to me how 2017 could come and you fall in love with Denise? WTF ! We were suppose to give us a shot . You said I was your dream girl that all this time nine years you still thought of me wanted to kiss me as well, as make love to me .

And yet , you finally excepted my friends request on Facebook that I sent you 6 months ago . However, you sent to a day before Cinco De mayo. Yet that was the day you got engaged to her ( Denise) I sent you a massage on Facebook messenger Congradulations I said being the better person. Yet, my son is graduating with honors in Economics from Harvard University this May . Were is my congratulations! Dam you was I not good enough for you or pretty enough . I will never know and your an Asshole. I’m a model and actress and could have any man I want and I have a boyfriend now who I love yet why do I still FUCKING think of you?I know because after all these years you never ever told me you were sorry for the SHIT you did in hurting me in person. May KARMA get the best of your Marrage. You played a mind fuck game with me hopefully your soon to wife wakes up from her fantasy world you painted for her and see you for the SOB you really are . I dedicate Godsmack Crying like a bitch to you because trust me she will leave you at some point . I give your Marrage 5 years tops . Oh and my new boyfriend knows the true meaning of love. We are getting engaged for my birthday on Sept I already picked out the ring with him !


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