Sorry for everything

Sorry for everything

Sorry for everything

LTME-postDear ex girlfriend for almost 2 years I have ben in love with you with out you even knowing there where many things I should have said . I hope that you will find the right person I truly hope your life does well there where many things I should have said and I didnt I know i am stubborn to tell you this you where the most beautiful the most smartest sweet you have a big heart every time we meet up together i look at you and i always have a smerk on my face every time we see each other it does not matter if we are pissed at each other I always had a smerk on my face I could not stay real with you I just miss how beautiful you are and bright you are not the out side but in side of you your heart and all the deepest memories or the hard moment I just wish i was there to help and i am sorry that i was not there for you when you needed me the most hardest time or the smallest things there was a lot going on between us and others to like family or something that made you mad or pissed you off I should have ben there for you and that yes the reason way we are like this is bc of me my lieing and actions and was stupid enough to let you go to let you go so fair I could not catch you yes there was at times that I hated during when I lived with y but that’s not the point the point is that I truly miss you and your worth you give me the chills the laugh with each other and the moments looking at the stars the time we went for a walk and went to the fire station all the times we had together I miss that a lot and just need to leave the past I live the past and I am trying to get my self out of all the hurt I have ben though all the times that you have pushed me away all the times that you said where done I sisnt believe that was true but if anything dont hurt someone slowly if your going to brake me just do it fast so I dont feel anything if you did ever love me show it at least say something or actions

EX plz just remember the good and not the bad from the past ppl can change for the good if they want to help them self’s I believe if we love each other there is a way we can be okay

Are family’s you dont like my family okay they dont matter they can get over it who cares about them k but in your mind they do but truly they will get over it and your family your family hate me bc I am so young no it does not matter about age if we live each other all it matters what we thing I am sorry i just hope you have a good loveing life i hope you find what you are looking for the one who can give you what you need and what your looking for kayla I know it’s time to move on I wish you well I am well still heart broken I still cant move on with out you I wish I had told you stuff that I couldn’t and I’m sorry I did not want to have to face you after when you get pissed or cant cope with me or anything you where everything to me you where the one who I was looking for but after all I just this it’s time I know now it’s time that I stay single I do better when I dont have anyone be me or anyone close I dont want to hurt anyone like I have hurt you I dont want to do that to anyone it done not just hurt me but others to I have a big heart and so do you I know I have got pissed and got mad at you I am sorry for everything I miss you kayla I love you a lot if I could I could go back and change everything before I have met you I am sorry I love you


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