Young and dumb but in love

Young and dumb but in love

Young and dumb but in love


Dear you,
How are you? Are you happy now? How’s life treating you? Do you remember how you were in love with me? The day you left was one of the worst days of my life. I know we were only together for no longer than a month but it seemed like years. Our love for each other was all that mattered…or so I thought. You left me on Christmas Eve in 2018. CHRISTMAS EVE. Thanks a lot. I know it’s my fault, you were fed up with me. You were fed up with having to deal with my bullshit. I know I should be over you by now, but every time I see you I remember everything we’ve been through. If I could I would change things in a heartbeat. You moved on now right? It hurts like hell knowing this, but I’m relieved that you’re no longer hurt by me. I will not say I love you nor say I want you back, but I will say that I miss you. After you left you were acting like a completely different person. You were acting like a dick. You said I needed a therapist. Anyways, I hope you’re happy. Even though I’m not. I still remember the last thing you said to me. “When one person is falling in love, sometimes the other person is falling out of it. Thank you, for the best. Goodbye.” I was going to beg you to stay but shortly realized that it wasn’t worth it. That you weren’t worth my tears. I miss you baby. So much that it’s unbearable. Please. Don’t leave me here. I can’t survive without you anymore….guess I have to though. I wish you the best. You’re in my heart. Forever and always. Thank you. Goodbye.


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