I just miss your dog

I just miss your dog

I just miss your dog


I felt the need to write you a letter. I hope dexter is doing well, I miss that doggo so much. When you broke up with me over the phone I was in literal shock and didn’t have any emotional reaction until about 2 hours after. That’s why at the time I said it was okay that you were breaking up with me over the phone. It really was not okay. It felt like a huge slap to the face because you made it seem as though I didn’t mean anything to you. After everything I did for you and after every weekend I drove to see you, you didn’t even have the decency to break up with me face to face because it “would have been too hard”. To be honest, I lost respect for you after that. I know it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s over and that’s it but since you said you wanted to be friends with me, I wanted to explain why that could never happen. I’m not sure what I am trying to accomplish with this letter, but I can just hope you break the next heart with some respect and have the decency to do it in person like a man.


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