Wish I’d listened to my gut feeling

Wish I’d listened to my gut feeling

Wish I’d listened to my gut feeling


Yes Kirk, I wish I had and I’ll tell you why…
I made excuse after excuse for your shitty, abnormal behavior, I believed you when you told me that you had no idea of how a relationship should be – what absolute bollocks..
I dare say that I will be now referred to as an ‘idiot’ just as your exs are though I beg to differ as its YOU that’s the idiot (though to be fair I’m an idiot as well for trusting you but that’ll soon be sorted) see, you’re the idiot who didn’t see what you had but good luck with finding someone else, your heart is empty and devoid of any real joy. You always said that I was too good for you and I agree.. I am, in time you may realise that, who knows but you can be absolutely sure that I will be fine, I sadly don’t hold out much hope for you though…. I’m not sure if I care or not if you regret your behaviour but I will say a huge Thank you for teaching me all you did, now I know what I’m truly capable of and it will always be loving someone honestly, faithfully and truthfully, I walk away from you in a better place than I was before I met you and I’m proud of all my effort because I will always be in a better place than you will ever be Xx

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  1. kay 9 months ago

    sounds like you two hit a rough patch, i hope one day you two can forgive eachother

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