Here’s what I really meant

Here’s what I really meant

Here’s what I really meant

You’re almost like every country song I have ever listened to. You are as sweet as cherries in the summertime, and as cool as ice. You’re stubbornness made me have so much more patience, but oh did it drive me up a wall sometimes. Every single time you looked at me from across the room, my heart would skip a beat and my stomach would fill with those beautiful butterflies.

Every good thing comes to an end, I just didn’t know ours would end so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting with your mom talking about how she would do my nails for prom the next year. Middle school, that’s when we first met.. and now I’m a senior in high school. Getting ready for my last year of seeing you in the halls, and changing the direction of which i walked to class just to see that gorgeous smile of yours. Things were left unsaid, and maybe it was truly for the best. But now I’m ready to let go of those things and just say what I wish I had before it was too late.

You were like my shooting star, and I wasted my wish on something stupid. In other words, I took your love for granted. I never knew how much I needed you before it was actually over. I can still feel the way your hand fit into mine. So, about our memories; way too many to count, all filled with laughs and smiles. Hearing our song on the radio brings me the most genuine smile, because all i can think about is how happy I was when I was with you. You were mine, up until you weren’t. I want to say you were the best thing to happen to me and I mean that.

Sometimes you made me want to run my head through a wall, but I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. Mostly because, you were my world. You were my reason for so many smiles, you were my person. We live in a small town, so when I had to go to school and see you everyday after the break up it felt like my heart had shattered into a million pieces. I wanted you back so badly, I remember having to leave class several times to just go cry in the bathroom. But you, you seemed like nothing had even happened. I hated you for looking happy, I hated you for not caring as much as I did. Or, did I not hate you at all? Yeah that was exactly right, I didn’t hate you. Not even the slightest bit. I loved you, I still love you.

Praying for you as become an every night thing, I ask God to protect you and to keep you healthy. You deserve that, you deserve the prettiest sunsets and the prettiest girls. You are not a bad guy, if anything you were the hero in my story. The way you lifted me up when I was upset, or the way you knew how to make me smile even on my worst days. So, cheers to us. For if our paths never cross again, know that you were my person. Remember that I would still do anything for you, if you called at 3am I would answer right away. You were my everything once, and if our paths do cross again in a few years down the road, don’t be scared to fall in love again. I promise if you fall, I will catch you. I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever. No doubt about that. May your days be filled with sunshine, and your night skies filled with shooting stars. 
Sincerely, Lexie

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  1. Hannah 2 months ago

    This is so beautiful! I couldn’t stop reading, I hope you find each other again. Some loves never fade, they last a lifetime. Wishing you all the best Lexie:)

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