32… life changes

32… life changes

32… life changes

I have 4 weeks until the Bar exam. Since you have been gone, I went to law school and moved to 2 states (5 years.) I am writing you now for the first time in several years. You are the last person I loved. I lost faith in love. I work hard not smart. I procrastinate and get anxious about it. I am 32 and live with a beautiful unconditionally loving dog who will not be around for much longer. I should be studying right now because the Bar seems like such an impossible task to accomplish – its so much to memorize.
I told a friend about you – about how it ended – I also told her I think I had fallen out of love with you – That loving you was part of my drive to accomplish things professionally, the distraction from the loss…
I guess since I am writing you that I thought wrong. 

I guess I do still love you – perhaps I always will – but I am not sure I am still “in” love with you.

Goodnight and Goodbye


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