Broken sad boy

Broken sad boy

Broken sad boy

I can’t believe I spend so much time loving someone so so horrible. 
You treated me like absolute SHIT the entire relationship. I was constantly collecting the little crumbs you would feed me here and there.

You walked all over me and I was so in love with you that I chose to see you for something that you weren’t. From the start of the relationship to the end you were manipulative, ice cold and such a bullshit boyfriend. 

I did everything I could to improve and better myself to bond with you but no matter what it was a struggle the whole way. Your lack of empathy for me was exactly how you felt for me and truely i am disappointed that I was so blind. 
You finally took me on a holiday after 15 months that was horrible and in the mean time you were texting ur ex at night…  I wondered why we stopped having sex??? And I tried to open up and see how we can address it but you made it all about you and I left crying…. What a shocking performance as a partner.

You never gave time to me, only if I literally asked you for some. I was always an inconvenience for you and boy did you make that clear daily. 
You punished me, you silenced me, you took my heart and broke it repeatedly and seemed fine doing so. You broke up with me and came back at least 20 times. You enjoyed the hurt I think and then the toxic chase you truly are a ‘broken sad boy’ 

You don’t hurt people you love. You never loved me!

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  1. Williams1993 1 year ago

    I’ve been punishing myself for 6 years over how i treated you back then. I struggled to live with myself, I’m completely different to the person i was back then..The pain is still as raw as it was back then. I’m learning to live with that. I wish i was more open tback then about everything.. Whats done is done.b

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