Life goes on

Life goes on

Life goes on

I’ve heard the saying “the best way to get over an ex is getting under someone else”.
I strongly disagree.
After my last relationship, I spent six years alone.  You can rationalize it any way you like, but, ultimately, it was by choice.  Making bad choices… remaining undesirable is a choice, though not necessarily one makes realizing it at the time.

You changed.  A lot.  I’m sure there are elements of your life you never saw coming.  Others…well… I’d be surprised if they weren’t more orchestrated than not.  Sometimes it be like that.

Come to think of it, everything I “know” about you since then could just be coloring the water.  It’s an interesting story, but that’s not the point.

I hated you at one point.  All of you.  Everything you stood for and may still stand for.  It’s not really hate anymore.  “Armchair hater / Wouldn’t piss on your coffin / But when I see your picture I draw dicks on it”

I’m living my life now, after so much time.  I’m sure you’re living yours.  This isn’t for us though.

If you’re reading this and you’re hurt…you will hurt.  Feel everything you’re going to feel, but keep living your life.  The feeling may never truly die, but the road under your wheels will drown out some of it’s wailings.  Get on top of yourself before getting under someone new.  Make your reasons.

CC, I gave up on getting my stuff back.  Shitty thing that, but whatever.  Have fun with your baby.  Don’t turn into your mother… don’t turn into something you once said you hated and resented for using your father.  You’ll be 30 soon…mistakes are more costly at this age, so be careful.
Be better.  I’ll work on it too.
Stay the hell away.  Have a good life.  Blessed future. Stay safe.  Protect your little boy from girls like you.

Everyone else.  Don’t give up.
Anything is only as real…only has as much meaning as you give it.


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