I wish you well

I wish you well

I wish you well

Hi ren, how are you? there are more than 1 thousand letter in this site that have “eren” ex name, I thought eren is not a popular name but well, 
you know what sometimes you can’t get off on my mind maybe bcs I’m not  ready to let you go, that’s make me feel guilty , hurt and happy at the same time, sounds weird right?
I always wonder how’s ur life going on?, where are rn?, are you happy? have u meet someone new? and have you ever miss me? and there’s many more questions I had on my mind.
I’m not a professional stalker lol so do you notice me? like I have come visit ur instagram many times maybe not that much but I do actually visit ur instagram, 
This year 2021 is ur graduation from high school and I curious maybe I could see you in ur school youtube channel but I can’t find your face I’m watching it like from the beginning to the end but I don’t hear they call ur name and find ur face,  hufft 
I miss u rean like I wish I could hug you for the first and last time I will hug you really tight for 24 hours nonstop and also I will cry while hugging cuz damn I can’t explain it,
The last time I saw ur face is when ur sister make video with u and ur grandma, I’m happy cuz you’re smile and ur smile is the sweetest thing ever in this world, 
I hope you’re living ur best life, happy and healthy, 
I miss you really really miss you,
a thing that’s scared me the most is u are gone for forever, everybody is gonna die I know but the worst feeling ever is I haven’t said  all I want to say to you, that’s a guilty feeling I can’t handle,

love you, wolf


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