You left without leaving me a reason as to why

You left without leaving me a reason as to why

You left without leaving me a reason as to why

I remember the first day we talked. I remember the happiness and smile that was clear on my face. I remember those inside jokes that we both made. I remember how happy we were. Then one day I woke up looking forward to your messages, and I realized I had fallen in love with you. We were so imperfectly perfect for each other, we had the same vibes and the same personalities.

Everything seemed to be all alright. Then one day I couldn’t hold it in, I told you how I felt and turned out you felt the same way, but you weren’t ready for something yet, but I genuinely loved you so I said I could wait and that I understand. Then one night you asked me to be yours and of-course I was already yours from the start. I was so happy, I thought nothing could go wrong. That night you gave me your first “I love you” and it felt so true. You told me it was getting late and that we should sleep, so we did. Then I woke up and you were gone.

You left me. I wish I could be angry at you for doing that but I can’t, I don’t know why but I can’t. You left me hanging…It’s so painful to think about what we could have been. I cried for weeks when you left and until now you cross my mind from time to time. But my love, I understand. I know you had your own reasons for leaving. I am thankful for the little time we had together, for all those beautiful memories. This is the end. For the last time, I love you and goodbye.


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