Kiddo’s Teddy forever

Kiddo’s Teddy forever

Kiddo’s Teddy forever

My love, 
I remember all the things you said to me when you left me. I was inhuman to you, I behaved like an animal. I know they are all correct. But, couldn’t I make you happy even for a moment love? I only remember our happiness… your smile…n the way you used to say ‘alabu’…

Man…I miss you so much…I still hope that you’ll come back to me. Though I know that’s never gonna happen. I lost you coz of my own stupidity n selfishness. I remember us all the time. Your sweetest smile, your voice…all your songs I still treasure. They help me sleep you know.

It’s been two months you’ve left me…still it feels like that it just happened yesterday. I still can’t believe it. I still don’t know how to live without you. My whole life was around you, my love. I planned my whole life, each small step with you only. I don’t know how to live without you. Do you remember, I asked you this question, how will I live without you? You told me to move on. So cold you became…it hurt a lot love…in the last few days, the way you behaved with me, the way you hate me…it hurt a lot…I know these are my punishments…for all my wrongdoings. I’ve been hurting you for all the time we’ve been together. N I got my punishments at last.

But love, couldn’t you give me one last chance? I understood all my mistakes, I repented, I begged, for one last chance. But you had moved on so fast… within just a week…you found your new perfect partner…you belong to someone else now… can’t explain how that kills me every moment. At times it feels like I hate you for leaving me like this. But then I realise I can never hate you. You are my love. My one true love. I’ll always love you the same.

Remember I used to tell you, that the cute smile should always be there on your face, with or without me? I meant it. Whenever I said I love you, I meant it, I meant every word I said. I know I wasn’t a good partner. Actually I was the worst. Selfish, narcissistic, abusive. I behaved like an animal to you. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I know my mistakes. N that’s why I know now that you deserve a lot better partner than me. I really hope your partner makes you very much happy, n never makes you cry like I did. N I also hope that you find forgiveness for me in your heart. I love you. Always. Kiddos Teddy, forever. I’ll always miss you. I’ll always love you. You’re my forever.


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