Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Dear P, 
I never got to tell you this because of how sudden our break-up was. After a year, I have come to accept and realise that you did truly love me when we were together. It was really difficult to not blame you when you broke it off with me. I cried for so many nights, I hated you for so many nights and most of all, I was insecure in myself for so so long. I never understood why you gave up on us, why you gave up on me. I had a rebound after you, it didn’t work out. And then I met someone else. I still think about the good times we’ve had in the past, I wonder if you do the same. 

In many ways, you tried your hardest to make me happy. And I thank you for that. There is no doubt that our connection was amazing. You knew me so well, you had so much faith in me. I could be my true self when I was with you. You saw the best and the worst of me. I’m really thankful that you embraced all of me for years. I am a little bitter that we didn’t get to grow old together though, like I imagined we would. 

I was just reading through our conversation and noticed how much attention I asked for. And I thank you for accommodating to my needs as much as possible. Now that I am in a new relationship, I do realise that you really did give it your all. Maybe it wasn’t what I wanted or needed, but it was all you had to give on your end. I am grateful to call you the love of my life so far. The future is unwritten and I can’t promise that you will remain the love of my life, but what we had was unparallel with anything else I’ve felt. 

I do wish you the best. And I do really feel grateful to have learnt so many things in my time with you. Thank you.


  1. EP 7 months ago

    This relates so much but for me as the other person. Theres part of me that wishes this is my person but I doubt it as I doubt she will never look past the hate she will have for me.
    Thank you for the letter as although this will have been written for someone else it gives me some comfort.
    I wish you all the best.

  2. EP 7 months ago


    This letter is so close to my own heart/ situation although I’m sure this unfortunately was not for myself as I dont feel she would of got past the hate stage, however thank you for the comfort this has given me.

    We all have that one that has got away, even if the person left such as myself I am consumed of thoughts of my ex even after nearly a year probably because I know I will not find that connection again.

    I wish you all the best!
    I wish you all the best.

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