I want to move on but idk how

I want to move on but idk how

I want to move on but idk how

Today is April 18, 2022 and it’s like 12:30 AM as I’m writing this. Honestly I don’t even know what this is going to exactly be. Kind of just writing out some thoughts and feelings that maybe I couldn’t say out loud. I just wanna always start off by saying hieeee. This letter is out of the blue. But i wanted to tell you thank you.

I wish you the best in your goals and dreams, and you most likely don’t need luck since i know you can conquer all. 

Be an energy matcher and match positivity with positivity, its the best you can do for yourself. When life gets rough… remember you have a lot of family and friends, despite the distance, who care for you and want genuine happiness for you. As I said before, “I will always pray for you”. 

Peace. Harmony. Happiness. 

Your friend El


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