Without So Much As a Peep

Without So Much As a Peep

Without So Much As a Peep

Where to even start… Emily… you left me without as much as a peep. No words, no explanations no closure, not a thing. Not even a sorry we couldn’t work, or a thank you for all the good memories, or for how well I treated you and your family. You were my one and only, you were the person I actually, legitimately wanted to spend my life with. And you seemed you wanted that too. “A life with you is something I think about very often.” In your words. 

Now it’s just a memory, you’re just a memory, a memory that plagues me every single day. Every morning when i get up, and every time I lay my head down to sleep. And I don’t understand how and why you could be so okay with all my heart ache and pain you’ve caused me. 

You alone have changed my outlook on life, that happy chipper person from 3 months ago is no more. The childlike goofy guy you knew before is dead. Replaced by someone who expects the worst of every single situation and has nihilistic approaches to his future. 

Yes, it still hurts. Yes I still cry. Almost every day. But you’ve taught me one thing i’m thankful for. And that’s to never fully place any trust in anyone. Never will I ever completely trust anyone ever again. I hope you never find happiness.


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