You found me when I was lost

You found me when I was lost

You found me when I was lost

Dear ex,
You came into my life making me believe there is a light at the end of this rough tunnel, a breathe of fresh air giving me comfort I never knew I needed until i met you. 

We were young and dumb but that’s what made us, us. Our ability to just be with each other and that be all that mattered for that very moment, I felt consumed by emotions every time i was with you. I miss the way you made me feel wanted and whole, I don’t miss the times you treated me poorly and made me doubt my self worth.

I hope you are doing well my kind, affectionate, loving ex. I’m sorry i was emotionally unavailable when I was with you but I have learned and grown. Ever since our breakup I can’t help but overthink things, life currently is amazing i’m the happiest i’ve been in awhile but I overthink it telling myself it’s too good to be true as a way of guarding myself as if it was to suddenly all fall apart. 

You may have broke me but I have healed, moved on, but a piece of me just like shattered glass lies with you. I have realised that our breakup was the best thing, as you can’t love someone that doesn’t love themselves. I am now an independent individual that appreciates myself, I’m a completely different to the person you first met, I was just accepting the love I thought I deserved I now know that I deserve way more. 


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  1. BG 1 year ago

    is this you.. MJP?

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