To The Ex Who Isn’t Even My Ex

To The Ex Who Isn’t Even My Ex

To The Ex Who Isn’t Even My Ex

Dear T, 
I’m not sure how to start this if I’m being honest. I guess I should start by admitting that I did deeply like you, and three years later this feelings don’t seem to have subsided. 
You broke me, T. You led me on and made me think you meant what you said. Remember how we would stay up and talk about the future, how you’d tell me you wanted something long-term. You hinted that you wanted us to last like my sister and her husband, and have plenty of kids. As I type those words I realise that that’s where I messed up. You hinted. Throughout those few months we spent together, I assumed you wanted a serious relationship (with me). I assumed you were only interested in me. Assumed your feelings were as strong as mine…
We never dated and I can’t call you an ex, but my heart is still broken by your absence, T. The day you left me alone you broke my heart. Unfortunately for me, those broken pieces are still harbouring deep adoration for you.
You probably don’t realise (or even care) how horribly you hurt me…
In my mind it doesn’t matter that we never had an official title, because regardless I still grew attached, I liked you. I might have even loved you…
When you left, I lost more than just a friend or a never boyfriend. I lost the future that is stupidly assumed we would share. 

P.S is it petty of me to say that I don’t wish you the best unless it’s with me?


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