My final goodbye

My final goodbye

My final goodbye

Hey Ry

I promise this will be the last and final time that I ever reach out to you.  This is my letter to finally let all of you go.  Every piece!

I’m starting to build my life for me and my family, and I’m going to accomplish so much, but this letter needs to be written. 

There has never been a man who has come into my life that has made me feel the way You do.  The butterflies, nausea, excitement, and so many other feelings.  I’m so glad that you came into my life back in 2015.  You will always be my first love, and I have learned so much from us.   I wish absolutely nothing but the best for you! 

I will never email, emt, text, call, creep, anything! This is my forever goodbye! This life is so short, and I’m letting everything go as of now. 

You will always have a piece of my heart, and I know I will with yours.  You can hide behind your emotions, but there’s no way you won’t ever think of me again.  I would have done anything for you, and I was the realest person! Goodbye Ry, and thanks for coming back into my life when you did because I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. 

Take care bubba


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